• Liquid and  powder chemicals blending & repacking 

GDC offers a range of chemicals blending and repacking services for the following products: 

           Caustic Soda liquid 5-35%                     Potassium carbonate 50%

           Ferric chloride 40%                                Potassium hydroxide 50%

           Sodium bisulfite 20- 40%                       Polyaluminium chloride 10- 30%

We also provide blending & repacking services for other materials as per costumers’ requirement.


  • Bulk chemical delivery

 GDC provides excellent, safe and on time transport services through a range of ISO tanks & road bulk tankers facilities for liquid chemicals supplies and fleet of delivery vehicles for materials packed in bags, drums strongly strapped and shrink wrapped on pallets.


  • Technical assistance 

Through trained team of specialists we work with chemicals worldwide , providing solutions and resolve complex problems. 

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