About Us

Gulf Desert Chemical Company (GDC) is one of the leading chemical traders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Gulf areas, focusing on supplying chemicals to the territory’s leading manufacturers of different industries. Over the years of experience, GDC has built an unwavering dedication to total quality which continues to be the underlying key of our success. Our approach to quality is at the heart of our business ethics, maintaining ISO9001 & Responsible care.

Our highly trained sales team serves as an efficient interface between GDC and the customers through providing a sustainable level of service backed by research and development specialists. This closed-loop approach enhances GDC’s ability to provide quality products & high level of service to help ensuring the mutual beneficial business outcome.

(966) 013-8650077 24/7 Global Support

Email :- info@gdc-sa.com
Suite No. 706,
Al-Babtain Tower
AL-Dhahran Road
Al-Khobar 31952,
Saudi Arabia


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